With “Undercover” at Art Center Sarasota

With “Undercover” at Art Center Sarasota

Throughout an eclectic career that ranged from graphic design, event management, video operations, software development and live theatre, I was always an artist. When I reached the point where my day job was taking too much time away from painting, I mustered the courage to leave that life and am now painting full-time.

My paintings always evolve from the process. I’m influenced by dilapidated buildings, and the way time and nature’s elements alter our surroundings. Rust, peeling paint, and cracked surfaces have a distressed and quiet beauty that I try to evoke in my work and I love the never-ending variety of elements and textures that I can layer into a single piece. 

I begin each new painting by simply getting something (anything!) onto the surface. Whether simple marks, paper, or random color blocks, each element informs the next, and the process becomes largely intuitive. Layers of paint and paper are laid down, scraped off and painted over until a history develops. Each element that I add (or remove) creates a problem that I need to solve which is simultaneously uncomfortable and liberating.

This building up and obliterating of layer after layer is exciting for me, and what emerges is always unpredictable and open to interpretation.

Many of my paintings incorporate typographical elements. Numbers, characters, cursive hand lettering, or foreign alphabets, are visible under under layers of paint to be found when you least expect to see them.