Commissioned Pieces

Words and Music

A music lover and opera singer with a famous ancestor, this collector wanted a piece that incorporated his favorite musical passages, imagery of his Italian heritage, and his fluency in Arabic.

DETAIL: Translation of a story of our neighborhood.

This painting has all the elements I asked Ellen to include and she made each one even more special. Fantastico! - John P.


Knowing about my affinity for all things rusty, this client asked me to incorporate rusted vintage train reflectors into a painting. I also incorporated fabric, text, and metal, along with different textural elements. The color palette worked perfectly with existing collectibles.

DETAIL: Painted rust rivets match the real thing.

When my wife and I commissioned a large piece from Ellen, I requested that she incorporate three old train reflectors I had found during my travels. After asking us what colors we liked, how big to go and what elements of her work we liked most, she was off and running. A short time later, she presented us with the amazing finished work, which has become a focal point in our living room. We never fail to appreciate its beauty and originality. - Harriet M.


This piece incorporates bits of the client’s childhood ephemera including doctors’ notes, excerpts of favorite books, and handwritten lists of favorite games and toys. Rather than discard them, we memorialized them in a whimsical painting that also includes a personal roadmap of places lived.

DETAIL: Down the garden path.

Ellen was able to envision a painting to commemorate many happy memories for me and my wife. We even gave her a pair of baby shoes with little cut out flowers that she was able to represent in the finished piece. We point out the details of the painting to friends every chance we get. - Dan G..

Thinking about a commission?

As a guide, fees are commensurate with the painting prices on this site. Before any decisions or commitments have been made, we’ll discuss size, colors, aspects or features you like about my work, and any special elements to be included. We then discuss price, terms, and timeline. Once we agree, work begins.

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